Supermarket apples don’t always ripen on the tree - they’re often picked before they’re ready so they can ripen on the way to the store. So, you could be missing out on the full flavor and special characteristics unique to tree-ripened apples! First-time visitors are often surprised at how distinct each variety may be - differing in sweetness, color, tartness, and even texture. With over 24 varieties grown in our orchards, Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo in New Era, Michigan provides an incredible assortment of both heirloom and popular apples for you to try!

You and your friends and family can tour the orchard, learning about the farm and the trees as you go down the rows and rows of trees with your bucket or wagon in tow. You can even learn about the unique qualities that make specific apples best for baking, adding to salads, or eating fresh off the tree. Picking your own apples straight from the source is a thrill for all ages - ask before climbing any trees, though! - so everyone is sure to have a fun and relaxing time. 

Our orchard is open to the public from mid-September all the way through the end of October. It’s a hit for our Fall Festival! If you don’t have time to pick your own apples, you can find them fresh at our farm market. You can also sample some of our delicious home-cooked food - chicken tenders, soft pretzels, and pulled pork sandwiches from our kitchen and fresh pies, donuts, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns, cookies, apple fritters, and specialty bread from our bakery.

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Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
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