Located just an hour away from Grand Rapids, Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo in New Era, Michigan is known for many things. From our expansive pumpkin patch to our twisty and challenging corn maze, you’re sure to have a wonderful time with your family and friends when you come visit! You could probably tell from our name alone that we also have a zoo filled with all sorts of exotic animals for you and your family to engage with. 


But, did you know that we also have a special location on the farm just for our feathered friends?

Feathers & More Aviary at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo is where you will find some of the most beautiful and loving little birds on the planet: parakeets. Known by the rest of the world outside of America as budgerigars, our “budgies” are very social, chatty, and incredibly tame - so much so that one of the perks of visiting is you get to feed them! 

By purchasing a seed stick, you’ll be granted the fun and exciting thrill of having our friendly flock perch on you to nibble at their favorite snack. Parents, make sure you have your phone or camera out to take pictures and videos of your kids having the time of their lives as the birds hop around on them to nibble and preen! Don’t be afraid to give the parakeets a few pets while they eat - some really enjoy getting “scritches” under their chins and on their cheeks - but please remember to be gentle with our feathered friends.


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Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
4180 West M-20
New Era, Michigan 49446
Phone: (231) 861-5730

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