For people of all ages, Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo in New Era, Michigan is sure to have something to keep you entertained all day! From our expansive pumpkin patch to our twisty and challenging corn maze, you’re sure to have a wonderful time with your family and friends when you come visit! You could probably tell from our name alone that we also have a zoo filled with all sorts of exotic animals for you and your family to engage with. 

Everyone in your group will enjoy our collection of friendly creatures from all over the world. We have animals of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest parakeets and prairie dogs to long-necked alpacas and camels. We take special care of our creatures, so they are happy and well-socialized and used to humans. Our animals love attention, but keep in mind that they are not trained, so they may jump on you or nibble on your clothes.

But the zoo isn’t the only way to experience our fluffy or feathered friends! During Baby Animal Days in June, we showcase our farm babies including chicks, bunnies, fawns, goat kids and ducklings along with our other friendly and cute farm animals. Parents, make sure you have your phone or camera out to take pictures and videos of your kids having the time of their lives as the animals cuddle up close and eat right from their hands!

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Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
4180 West M-20
New Era, Michigan 49446
Phone: (231) 861-5730

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